The Very Handy and Useful


by Onie Sims

The Deering Pattern Wrench was first made by Deering Harvester Co. and was furnished with all Deering Farm Implements. It was a malleable iron t wrench which fit four nut sizes plus had both a square and an oblong hole.

The Deering Parts Book listed the wrench under part number H911. However, it usually had only the name Deering on it. After Deering became part of International Harvester Co., the wrench became thinner and was stamped with the IHC logo and a part number (H911, HD911, and HE911).

Apparently IHC licenced many other companies (who had the facilities) to make this wrench and put any name on it that they desired. The wrenches are found with both raised and stamped lettering. And it was not just farm implement companies who made them. For example, Dempster Mill made some of them. They were also made for the wholesale hardware companies and appear in the catalogs of Simmons Hardware, A.J.Harwi, Wyeth, W.A.L.T.H. Company, and the Henry & Allen Company.

Almost anyone who collects implement wrenches will have some Deering Pattern Wrenches. There have been at least 30 different names or part numbers found and there may be more. I have discovered that they make an attractive display when grouped together.

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